Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Thursday, September 28, 2017



I ask myself this question
ten times (at least) a day,
wondering the answer...
How can it be?

I know it's not my riches
yet 'looks' there's none to see!
What then is the answer?
How can it be?

Talentless I stumble
upon my mindless way
intrigued to 'ere discover
How can it be?

There is no rhyme or reason
and merit there is none
so why then does she love me?
How can it be?

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017



Lord, teach me to love
as You have
with gentle spirit and
selfless motive.
May I feel Your compassion
burning within
that compels me to answer
the silent tear.

To give of myself, knowing
others will abuse,
even as You gave all and were
spat upon.

With my heart let me learn that
the greatest expression
of love, is to give my life
for another.

Oh Lord, that I might see your will
be done,
in making me a fit vessel for a
God of Love

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When He came, no trumpets blew,
in the village no one knew.
Yet a universe proclaimed
this the coming of it's King.

As He grew into a man
years had roughened working hands,
knowing then this wood they shaped
would be forced those hands to break.

Walking by the surging waves
toughened men fell in His gaze.
Then when came a challenge true,
the footprints leaving were't just two

All along His sandal's route
the very earth yearned to cry out
yet the darkness made men blind
they couldn't seem His Light to find

Even when their very eyes
witnessed buried dead men rise,
saw the cripple's leaping gait,
still their hearts were filled with hate.

Smooth, worn stones were wet with blood,
making hard his crushing load,
then they felt His very Touch,
they alone knew He was Just.

Oh the heavens cried in pain
when they saw their Maker's shame,
Pureness taking all our sin,
yet forgiving, freeing men....

Weeping, hiding, filled with doubt,
those that followed heard a shout,
"We have seen Him near His tomb", ...
then He comes within their room.

Finally into blinded hearts
Light poured in to make them part
of this Plan eternally wrought
that His blood so precious, bought.

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Because I live
you can be free
For life I gave
on Calvary

Because I live
The chains of sin
have been removed
new life began

Because I live
The fear's replaced
New Trust, New Life
lies in it's place

Because I live
death's hold is broke
for now Man has
Eternal Hope

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Primitive emotions 
followed to a tee,
quickly unfulfilling,
he's never really free.

Lusting those illusions,
conjured in his mind
so the Simple follows
 destruction's senseless rhyme.

The end a gone conclusion,
his hope an empty shell,
passing through life's vapor,
ever closer, hell.

Is his fate debated?
Or does the Reaper take
life without a protest,
cast into the Lake?

Or is there still a dawning
for this simple one,
new light to break upon him,
new hope to gather from?

There like crystal gleaming
from holy, radiant height,
piercing through the dimmness
with morning's perfect Bright.

Lightening the darkened corners
of his twisted mind,
Thy Word brings understanding
a Way, Thy path, to find.

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Blackness like a blanket lays
upon the unseen land
the mountains round with silent sound
thrust up their mighty span.

Inky wells, no secrets tell,
for what is known by day,
has now become a nothingness
no shape to 'er betray.

Through the depths a light appears
with gentle, fragile flame,
a tiny spot by "Candle Power"
from darkness is reclaimed.

Weakly shine it's golden rays
the battle seems unfair,
but little does the candle know
that all have stopped to stare.

Even through this thickest night
with everything in doubt,
just a feeble candle light
has shown a straightened route.

Lifted up to touch one near,
from warmth to kindle flame,
another Light is given birth,
more night has been reclaimed.

One by one, their secret shared
'till slowly what had seemed
a terrifying, deadly place
becomes a  garden dream.

Clearly seen, now fear is gone,
the beauty is revealed,
and what was just a single light
has spread to fill the world.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017



Living, dying, people everywhere
laughing, crying, no one really cares

seeking, striving, losing what they gain
hurting, fighting, nothing ends their pain.

But then upon their darkness,
there comes a Blessed Light,
when from the lips of others
they hear the Words of Life

that in the Savior's payment
for sin on Calvary
they'll find their hope of peace
and life eternally.

But NEVER will this message
of Freedom reach to them
unless we strive to bear it
unto the world's end.

© COPYRIGHT 2017 - All rights reserved by the publisher/owner of "The Lion's Eye" blog

Who Me? Forty?


One day I stood at the bathroom sink 
As I looked up, started to think.

The face that stared right back at me 
was not someone I expected to see!

The hair had just a tinge of grey 
and by the eyes, some wrinkles played,

and sagging downward to the ground
the skin was tanned, the stomach round

I snarled at it, it snarled back
and shocked I saw there was a lack!

...for holes appeared within that grin
that showed some blackness there within

I flexed my muscles and showed who’s boss
but when I stretched it made me cough.

And just when starting to despair,
another figure then appeared.

She stepped up close and hugged me tight
and I knew 40 was alright...

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In a big new car, they've come from afar,
clear from way across town,
to sit for an hour, perspiring and dour,
while their leader the pulpit will pound

These smooth white faces, from "superior" races,
their religion all pretty and neat,
bring their tithes and their fancied up wives
to their own "special" Sunday church seat.

Exhorted to sing, to stand and to sit,
from effort their faces all red,
so as a result, (it's not their fault),
many stay home in bed.

Saddest of all, to the alter they're called
week after pleading week,
and as millions die, these "christians" sigh,
and think of their roasting meat.

Where is the fire, the burning desire,
to reach their fellow man,
to set things right, for justice fight,
not bury their heads in the sand?

Oh Christian true, a challenge to you,
I present in the name of our Lord,
to open your eyes, become as the wise, 
and take up your God-given Sword.

For to battle we're called, not to soft pews lulled,
but to combat hand to hand,
to give of our best, not take our rest,
and to obey our Lord's command.

So open your heart, it's past time to start,
the battle's a raging din,
the end is near, the Trumpet we'll hear,
signaling THEN our rest to begin.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Little part, big start

Lion's Eye
(written to my wife for Christmas 2012 - she had to guess what it was.
It was a stainless drain for a stainless steel sink for our apt)

I'm just one part of a greater whole,
but fall in me and down you'll go!
So if you guess my vital part,
the rest of me will be your start!

You've waited long to hear me play,
the music of your day to day,
that tinkling chime of living sound
as everything goes round and round.

We're not as pretty as your rose,
for of our presence no one knows,
and we were purchased in the dark,
and hidden away right from the start!

We're shiny as a mirror bright,
all polished up and bouncing light,
but later no one looks at us,
all piled upon with food and crusts,

Reflecting dishes, pots and pans,
and all wiped down with soapy hands,
we'll do our job so faithfully,
and bring real cleansing then to thee.

© COPYRIGHT 2017 - All rights reserved by the publisher/owner of "The Lion's Eye" blog

Third Day Wife

by Lion's Eye

Up on the stony stairway, with moon so big and bright,
we sit in breezy silence, just taking in the night.
Soft sounds from rustling palm fronds, caress our listening ears,
and shining clouds hang over us, like silver chandeliers.

It's almost time to celebrate, this special time of year
when midnite brings this new day, of one so loved and dear.
For on this day in April (it was a while ago),
a lovely babe came to our world, and then began her show.

So different from the others, (she never was the same),
her smile and love are evident, her speech a sweet refrain.
Wherever angels follow her, whether through the day or night,
she keeps them busy chuckling, while carrying high her light.

And through the storms of windy blasts, when walking is a chore,
her lips and life teach love and grace, and life for evermore.
And on this special third day, when thinking of her life,
I give my thanks to God for her, my special "third day wife".

For on that day, as we have seen, (and Matthew's story shows),
our world would never be the same, when Jesus finally rose.
And so it is with all who share, that third day Special Life
which makes us finally understand what makes a special wife.

So as we sit upon those rocks, where one day we might see,
some scenes of times and happenings, in a place called Galilee,
Our thanks are to our Maker, that brought us to this place,
Who gave us sand and coconut trees, all purely by His grace.

But on my mind, while on those stairs, is not the sand or breeze,
it's on this wife beside me, that seeks my Lord, to please.
So thank you God for this my dear, I still can't believe it's true,
that such a gift could come to me, a gift direct from YOU.

And thank you sweetie for your love, though undeserved for sure,
for brightening life and showing light, with love so very pure.
May God's blessings shower down , not in a drop or two,
but in a deluge huge and great, poured out because of you.

And so I sit beside you now, and drink in what's not mine,
these rains of love GOD has for you, through all His plans divine.
So cling to me and keep me near, and blessings I will see,
and thank you for your life of love, that sets the captives free.

I love you - your husband

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