Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Wednesday, September 27, 2017



Primitive emotions 
followed to a tee,
quickly unfulfilling,
he's never really free.

Lusting those illusions,
conjured in his mind
so the Simple follows
 destruction's senseless rhyme.

The end a gone conclusion,
his hope an empty shell,
passing through life's vapor,
ever closer, hell.

Is his fate debated?
Or does the Reaper take
life without a protest,
cast into the Lake?

Or is there still a dawning
for this simple one,
new light to break upon him,
new hope to gather from?

There like crystal gleaming
from holy, radiant height,
piercing through the dimmness
with morning's perfect Bright.

Lightening the darkened corners
of his twisted mind,
Thy Word brings understanding
a Way, Thy path, to find.

© COPYRIGHT 2017 - All rights reserved by the publisher/owner of "The Lion's Eye" blog 

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