Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Who Me? Forty?


One day I stood at the bathroom sink 
As I looked up, started to think.

The face that stared right back at me 
was not someone I expected to see!

The hair had just a tinge of grey 
and by the eyes, some wrinkles played,

and sagging downward to the ground
the skin was tanned, the stomach round

I snarled at it, it snarled back
and shocked I saw there was a lack!

...for holes appeared within that grin
that showed some blackness there within

I flexed my muscles and showed who’s boss
but when I stretched it made me cough.

And just when starting to despair,
another figure then appeared.

She stepped up close and hugged me tight
and I knew 40 was alright...

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