Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Monday, August 14, 2017

Third Day Wife

by Lion's Eye

Up on the stony stairway, with moon so big and bright,
we sit in breezy silence, just taking in the night.
Soft sounds from rustling palm fronds, caress our listening ears,
and shining clouds hang over us, like silver chandeliers.

It's almost time to celebrate, this special time of year
when midnite brings this new day, of one so loved and dear.
For on this day in April (it was a while ago),
a lovely babe came to our world, and then began her show.

So different from the others, (she never was the same),
her smile and love are evident, her speech a sweet refrain.
Wherever angels follow her, whether through the day or night,
she keeps them busy chuckling, while carrying high her light.

And through the storms of windy blasts, when walking is a chore,
her lips and life teach love and grace, and life for evermore.
And on this special third day, when thinking of her life,
I give my thanks to God for her, my special "third day wife".

For on that day, as we have seen, (and Matthew's story shows),
our world would never be the same, when Jesus finally rose.
And so it is with all who share, that third day Special Life
which makes us finally understand what makes a special wife.

So as we sit upon those rocks, where one day we might see,
some scenes of times and happenings, in a place called Galilee,
Our thanks are to our Maker, that brought us to this place,
Who gave us sand and coconut trees, all purely by His grace.

But on my mind, while on those stairs, is not the sand or breeze,
it's on this wife beside me, that seeks my Lord, to please.
So thank you God for this my dear, I still can't believe it's true,
that such a gift could come to me, a gift direct from YOU.

And thank you sweetie for your love, though undeserved for sure,
for brightening life and showing light, with love so very pure.
May God's blessings shower down , not in a drop or two,
but in a deluge huge and great, poured out because of you.

And so I sit beside you now, and drink in what's not mine,
these rains of love GOD has for you, through all His plans divine.
So cling to me and keep me near, and blessings I will see,
and thank you for your life of love, that sets the captives free.

I love you - your husband

© COPYRIGHT 2017 - All rights reserved by the publisher/owner of "The Lion's Eye" blog

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