Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Wednesday, September 27, 2017



Blackness like a blanket lays
upon the unseen land
the mountains round with silent sound
thrust up their mighty span.

Inky wells, no secrets tell,
for what is known by day,
has now become a nothingness
no shape to 'er betray.

Through the depths a light appears
with gentle, fragile flame,
a tiny spot by "Candle Power"
from darkness is reclaimed.

Weakly shine it's golden rays
the battle seems unfair,
but little does the candle know
that all have stopped to stare.

Even through this thickest night
with everything in doubt,
just a feeble candle light
has shown a straightened route.

Lifted up to touch one near,
from warmth to kindle flame,
another Light is given birth,
more night has been reclaimed.

One by one, their secret shared
'till slowly what had seemed
a terrifying, deadly place
becomes a  garden dream.

Clearly seen, now fear is gone,
the beauty is revealed,
and what was just a single light
has spread to fill the world.

© COPYRIGHT 2017 - All rights reserved by the publisher/owner of "The Lion's Eye" blog 

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