Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Sunday, April 12, 2015


The Voice of God

I heard the voice of God one day, He spoke so clear and plain,
I reveled in the sound of it, such clear and sweet refrain!

But over time, this speech so clear, began to fade and dim,
'til finally I could hear it not, and turned away from Him.

It seemed as though He'd gone from me, so I then sought my way,
and chose which roads were best to go, and suffered every day.

My world was filled with darkened nights, my past seemed just a lie,
no joy, nor love would come to me, my hope began to die.

But in a moment, in a flash, my dulled and sinful heart,
was shown a light, a call from God, that woke me with a start.

For God does not abandon us, but stays real close at hand,
so when we finally "listen up", the truth we understand. 

A still small voice is His, you see. In love, it whispers low
to His Beloved children here, wherever we would go.

The "shouts" are for His enemies, their judgments to begin,
this "distance" then, I'd ill perceived , was from my very sin!

Oh Father's love that ever speaks, Your voice comes to my ear.
My one and only prayer is this: that I'll stay close to hear!

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