Lion's gaze

Lion's gaze

Monday, December 29, 2014


TWISTED HEART - (a ballad of a man's life)

      by LION'S EYE

There was a twisted little man,
who had a twisted heart,
and when he went to fix it,
knew not where to start.

He looked within his twistedness
to seek some answers there
but all he saw inside himself
was a bent and twisted stare.

Reflections of "another face",
that seemed unlike his own,
a grimace with a promise
"for him and him alone".

"If only you will follow,
your twisted little heart,
then you'll find the answers
to give your life a start!"

"Great secrets you will find there,
you'll be a huge success,
all things to know and fathom,
a "god of mightiness"!

Though "Twisted Heart" was troubled
by such a boast so grand,
he blindly followed in the steps
of all his fellow man.

He tried so hard to listen to
the voice that spoke within,
to lift himself beyond the crowd,
far from the deafening din.

In solitude and quietness then
he sought something apart,
beyond the sadness ever there,
that gripped his dying heart.

But twisted twisted is,
and try as he could do,
everything that came from him
was dark and dying too!

So lying in the stillness of 
a silent, brooding night,
with fear-filled shock and dizziness,
there came a sudden Light!

No Face, no Place, no words he heard,
that fell upon his ear,
but Just a Holy Presence, 
a Supernatural Fear.

His life was summed, all added up
and zero's were it's end,
his future's bleak perspective
an emptiness...all grim. 

A flash...a scene...of Holiness
beyond all true belief
and suddenly he saw it come,
Life's Source in stark relief!

His Life, His Cross, His Death for all
included Twisted Heart!
His Love, His Grace so freely given
could give a brand new start!

How could he turn from such a Light
this Truth so clear and grand,
that came to him not from within,
nor from the mind of man?

And as he opened up his heart
and let the Truth come in,
this Twisted One began to change
and straighten from his sin.

His eyes were filled with wonder 
and the tears began to flow,
his joy so great he thought he'd burst,
his new heart beating so!

Like many other Twisted Ones
that found the Source of Light,
he fell upon his face right then,
that glorious untwisted night.

And though the battles are not few
throughout this Warrior's Life,
Great Peace now reigns where once had been
all twisted, blinded strife.

So when his end can finally come
his time for swords and marching done,
No twistedness he'll ever see,
but Peace and Light and happiness...for all eternity.

© COPYRIGHT 2017 - All rights reserved by the publisher/owner of "The Lion's Eye" blog

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